TH-9A Precision winding machine

TH-9A Pineapple cone winding machine

TH-9A Pineapple cone winding machine


      TH-9A Precision winding machine is applicable to Soft(loose) and Hard winding for all kinds of silks, yarns and threads. It shows the features of international advanced winding machine, and has new technological breakthroughs on single spindle, single motor and single frequency conversion. This machine features high production, low consumption, low noise and long lifespan.          

Types of winding

precision winding

Mechanical speed

up to 600m/min (process speed depending on process parameters)

Package shape

Freely Programmable

Traverse length


Take-up package diameter

up to 180-200mm

Package weight

up to 4kg

Supply package diameter

up to 320 mm

suitable Yarns

Nylon, Filament yarn, FDY, DTY,Polyester yarn, Spun thread and etc.

Take up bobbin



single side machine

Number of spindles per section

4 spindles

Max. number of spindles

60 Spindles




each spindle individual

Installed power

~195w per spindle

Power consumption

~130w per spindle

Size per section (L*W*H)


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